Chaotic July 

If summer doesn’t go fast enough already, add in a lot of hour put in at work plus events and functions needing to attend and it seems like the month of July is coming to an end in the blink … Continue reading

Blogging 101 

Hey everyone. I decided to join in on WP Blogging 101 course in order to help me in my blog writing. 

I started this blog with the only intention as some sort of diary or tracker of my marathon training. I noticed very quickly that writing daily and keeping track of my running and thoughts was pretty difficult.  It seemed so much easier to just track it on my running app. And once I was done training and ran the marathon it became even more difficult. I went back and forth if I should keep this blog as a running blog or a “take a look into my everyday life” blog.  There were times where I even just wanted to quit writing all together. I eventually decided that I would 1. Keep it & 2. Write in it when I wanted and what I wanted.

I’m glad I’ve kept my blog and have continued writing (even if it is less often than not) because I’ve started following numerous bloggers that motivate me day in and day out, have taught me recipes, have given me a glimpse into their struggles and have helped me realize that we all have hurdles to overcome. Thinking on how these random bloggers that I’ve come to follow have motivated and helped me, I hope that someone out there reads my blog and gets that same feeling, if even for one second. 

In our first assignment for Blogging 101 I was to introduce myself– so I guess the stuff mentioned above is my way of reintroducing myself. Along with that, I’d like to set a few goals for the next month. My first one is to give this blogging course my all and hopefully learn things and grow my blog into something great. My second goal, run 50-100 miles in July. I joined a group on Facebook where you run or walk 50-100 miles in the month of July. My original intention was to do the 100 but with the holiday, I kind of slacked a little. I had this plan in my head “ok, if I run every day that means I have to run about 3.2 miles a day to get to the 100 miles by the end of July.” Well so far I have 9.5 miles; which, I’m off by half of where I should be.  So as of now I’m aiming to as close to 100 as possible. 

Alright, I think I’ve taken up enough of everyone’s time. 🙂